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Xavius 12-27-2004 03:17 PM

After upgrading to Gnome 2.8, Gnome Panel doesn't work
I used Garnome to upgrade Gnome to 2.8
After the upgrade to Gnome 2.8, if I start X using Gnome as Desktop Environment, the Gnome Panel doesn't work.

Exactly, most of icons and buttons doesn't work, works only the "show desktop" button and the "change desktop" applet. The other buttons, like the start button doesn't work at all and if I click with the right button of the mouse on the panel or on the buttons NOTHING happens.......... no menu... nothing.......

but, strange, weird: if I start KDE and then I launche a gnome-panel from KDE the buttons of Gnome Panel works.........

How I can solve these problems?
I really want use Gnome, it's my favourite, but now it's impossible to use

please help me :scratch:
many thanks

P.S. installing Gnome 2.8 I removed 2 components:
Gnome Virtual File manager component, because it needs kernerl 2.6 and I'm using 2.4
and Ximian Connectr because it doesn't compile (it requires Kerberos 5, I have installed it, but Ximian Connector doesn't find it, so I removed Ximian connector in order to finish to compile and install Gnome 2.8)

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