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haertig 12-28-2005 09:43 PM

Advisability of using LVM on backup HDD's?
I'm using LVM v2.01.14 on all my Debian (SID) filesystems except for / and /boot. I'm quite happy with it and the flexibility it allows.

What are the general thoughts regarding using LVM for harddisks and/or partitions used for backups? This is for a home setup - mixed Linux and Windows boxes on a LAN. Is LVM stable enough to be trusted with this important role? I have a lot more backup disk space than is currently needed for all my backups. With LVM I could allocate some space to backups, growing it as needed. And some of the space I could use for other stuff (large but expendable - I'm thinking MythTV video recordings). As backups grow in size I could allocate more space from the available pool or steal it from MythTV if that becomes necessary.

But LVM adds complexity and theoretically could compromise the integrity of the backups. Straight partitioning would be a little more "standard". Just wondering what others are doing in this regard.

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