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keevitaja 08-29-2002 02:56 PM

adobe photoshop and RH 7.3
is it possible to make adobe photoshop work on Redhat 7.3 ?

acid_kewpie 08-29-2002 02:58 PM

no. photoshop is a windows based program, not linux. and programs like wine will not work.

neo77777 08-29-2002 03:11 PM

only through VMWare, which loads anotehr OS virtually.

keevitaja 08-29-2002 03:28 PM

how reliable this vmware is? can i run net applications as well on it?

keevitaja 08-29-2002 03:44 PM

i get the following error:

The directory of kernel headers (version 2.4.9-9) does not match your running
kernel (version 2.4.18-3). Consequently, even if the compilation of the module
was successful, the module would not load into the running kernel

does it meen, that i have too old kernel? is there any VMWare version for my kernel?

acid_kewpie 08-29-2002 03:58 PM

it means you have installed the wrong files on your sysem. you have installed an older veriosn of the kernel headers, which is a bad thing to do. VMware is of course priority softawre, and is seriously expensive. it is seriously good though.

j-ray 08-31-2002 02:41 PM

why not change to gimp. itīs not bad either.
cheers, jens

mace 08-31-2002 04:55 PM

you might want to try and learn gimp.

here's a link that deals with photoshop wine and linux...

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