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versaulis 12-01-2003 09:37 PM

adding icons to gnome 2 menu
I just installed Fedora Core 1 and Netbeans 3. Now I need to add an icon to the gnome menu. But it will NOT allow me to add icons. It tells me

Cannot save menu item to disk

Error writing file 'applications:/Programming/Netbeans.desktop' Unsupported operation

stuNNed 12-02-2003 06:39 PM

you can open nautilus and type 'applications:///' in the 'Location' field, then select where you would like to put the new launcher, right click in nautilus and 'Create launcher'

versaulis 12-03-2003 08:17 AM

doesn't work
That doesn't work. It doesn't say anything to me once I create one... it just does nothing. If I go into the gnome menu itself (where you normally select programs to run), right click, and try to add one that way I get the error I reported.

It just doesn't let me add icons to that menu in any way. No matter what I try. Some programs put their icons in there when they get installed, but Netbeans doesn't.

jeopardyracing 12-19-2003 08:47 AM

I'm having the same exact issue in Red Hat 9.0

lupin_the_3rd 12-19-2003 09:35 AM

Safe Way

Unstable Way but easier

P.S. This info was obtained by doing a google search I recommended in your other post.

jeopardyracing 12-19-2003 09:58 AM

Actually found a similar post minutes after making mine but I will check these out too.

The post I found said to open a text editor and make a new .desktop file for each item using the same basic parameters pointed out in the links you've got, then save it as [program name].desktop.

Question: if I upgrade Open Office, or change browsers or whatever, can I DELETE similar files for programs I have replaced and don't want to appear in the menu anymore? It might sound like a bad idea except that once I upgrade browsers, etc, things could start to get cluttered!

lupin_the_3rd 12-19-2003 10:07 AM

Once you enable menu editing you can delete whatever you want but it will only do so on a per user basis (using the unstable method above)... To get these programs back you would just delete the .gnome2/vfolders dir which resets the menu to the default one. Be warned that if you enable this your "Network Servers" Icon will disappear as well as your "Home Folder" icon and the items in the "Start Here" dir. These are easily fixed by just readding the first two. The third can be done as well...

lupin_the_3rd 12-19-2003 10:10 AM

The second link appears dead now... anyways here are the instructions:

Menu-editing in RedHat 9/Fedora Core 1
To enable menu editing per user config (via nautilus), you need to open a terminal and do the following:
su -
<give root password>
cd /etc/gnome-vfs-2.0/modules
cp default-modules.conf default-modules.conf-no-menu-editing
cp default-modules.conf.with-menu-editing default-modules.conf

For any user you want to have the right to edit their menu, you also need to do this as the user:

cd ~/.gnome2/vfolders
cp /etc/X11/desktop-menus/ applications.vfolder-info

When gnome-panel is restarted (via logout/login or kill) the user will be able to see the changes they have made to their menu.
As some have noted, the above is a slightly risky way of menu-editing. It could break your menu in some cases. There is however a great resource which explains how the menu system works, and from this you should be able to customise your menu easily enough. Checkout for more info. Here's google's cache if the site times out (it did for me).

Taken from here:

jeopardyracing 12-19-2003 10:17 AM

Thanks again!
Thanks again for the help.

Here's a dumb question (I'm a relative newbie - one semester running RH 9.0 ) - will Fedora pretty much be RH 9.0? Is it basically taking the same OS and continuing to evolve it? If so great! Then I don't have to worry that they will drop RH 9.0 support next year.

lupin_the_3rd 12-19-2003 10:22 AM

So far, Fedora for me has been better than RH 9. GNOME 2.4 is much better than 2.2 (a little buggy at times) apt get and synaptic with the endorsed Fedora sites seems to have alleviated this bugginess (no more Freshrpms but...) The low-latency kernel seems much faster than the RH 9 kernel and faster than a Vanilla 2.4.22 as well. I'd give it a shot if you have the time. I'm pretty sure you can do an upgrade from RH 9 (though my opinion is a fresh install is probably the way to go---it's what I did from RH 9 but others seem to report success). Anyways, my 2 cents...

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