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nikivanovrhf 08-14-2004 01:02 AM

Acer aspire OS?
Hey everyone. I recently read a review on Acer Aspire, and was really interested in it's sub-os, which is for playing movies/music. It's linux-based afaik, so it's gotta be open-source, right? So my question is, are there any multimedia OS's like that? I dont have an Acer, but HP laptop, AMD proc at 1.8ghz, 512mb ram, 40 gb hd, some shitty radeon video card. My requirements are:

-needs relatively small HD partition
-able to read NTFS (duh :) )
-eats minimal resources (because of battery life, if not running from AC)
-boots fast
-standalone. I dont want to install a whole linux os, with all teh features, like mozilla, gaim, etc etc.

That's too much to ask, i know, but is there anything that comes close to it? basically i dont want to boot to windows xp every time i wanna watch a movie or play an mp3. Anything that can do that would work VERY well for me. Thank you, i'm sorry if this is not entirely linux question, but i figured that os Acer laptops have is linux-based, so it's not completely offtopic.

trunix 01-27-2008 05:02 AM

multimedia linux
Maybe this can be a solution, it's a live cd specialy for multimedia/
Btw, "multimedia linux distro" in google and you have good results.


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