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shini 07-02-2003 01:34 AM

ac97 audio codec

Is the driver for the AC97 audio codec available default with the Red hat linux 2.4.18-14?

cropcircle 07-02-2003 02:18 AM

The AC97 chipset should be supported in recent Red Hat Linux versions.

What does the command "/sbin/lsmod" say on your system?

sillygirly 08-17-2003 10:27 PM

ac97 audio codec probs
I'm having an issue with receiving sound on my distro of Linux (mandrake 9.1) it detects it as 7018 pci audio. I have an ECS K7SEM/266 motherboard, and it has AC97 audio codec on it. I'm not a hardware person, so I am unfamilliar with what that means. I am wondering where I can find a driver or another distro that will allow me to have sound. Please help!!!


adz 08-18-2003 12:44 AM

Shini, the codec is definetly part of the kernel but whether or not RH decided to put it in, I'm not sure. Very high probability that they did, though since it's quite popular. You just load the module for whatever card you have and the codec should be loaded automatically if needed.

Silly girly, try loading the trident module (ie type "modprobe trident") and see if that helps. If it says module not found then either you have an old kernel (type "uname -r" to find out your kernel version) or it wasn't compiled with that module. In either case you'll need a new kernel. So, you can download a kernel image package (on some distros - like debian for example) or you'll have to compile a new one.

Edit: Oh, if the modprobe idea works then add the line "trident" to your /etc/modules file so that the modules will be loaded on start up every time.

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