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tg3793 06-16-2011 01:16 PM

A Way to Log the Directories that I Open ?
This has been one of those on again off again problems I've been working at for several weeks.

My little problem:
I stretch my GUI pretty hard (I'm a gnome guy). And from time to time I do crash my GUI.

I use Nautilus most of the time though I've used other file managers (Thunar, PCMan and Gnome Commander) and I'm not married to Nautilus.

Would you know of a way that I could log all of the directories (not files) that I open in Nautilus (preferably time stamped). Either that or if you know of a file manager that has that sort of functionality? Even better if there was one that has a session saving capability built into the file manager.

I've also looked into various CLI programs such as fspy, and atsar that don't seem to do what I'm looking for.

I've even checked out Activity Journal, zeitgeist, Beagle, Tracker and a bunch of other stuff trying to figure this one out.

Got any directions you could point me at?

tg3793 06-17-2011 06:13 AM

Well this is pretty cool; which I am posting in case it helps someone else in the future.

script is a command that makes a typescript of everything printed on your terminal.

That's really a lot more information than I am looking for but it at least gets me a start. If I could find a way to limit this to 'just' the directory that I navigate to that would be even better.

Thanks for anyone that can point me to a meaningful direction.

tg3793 07-07-2012 11:39 AM

I've visited the inotify page on a couple of occasions and I see some potential here. But as of yet I can't quite grasp how I can implement this.

The quick description is inotify is a Linux kernel subsystem that acts to extend filesystems to notice changes to the filesystem, and report those changes to applications.

Maybe someone how there is trying to put together what I am looking for. I noticed one of the limitations of inotify however is that it does not support recursively watching directories, meaning that a separate inotify watch must be created for every subdirectory.

So; I continue my search :-)

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