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valkarin 12-14-2006 07:34 PM

A few problem with firefox
My dughter went to nickjr to play some games. They worked fine at first, but then said that I needed to get flashplayer. I got it and installed via script. Now I can't goto any of the games. Nothing happens when I click on the icons for the games. Also, I check the box for this site to remember me but it never does. I had a similar problem on my old XP box using firefox. I currently run Ubuntu 6.06. Any ideas?

b0uncer 12-15-2006 07:33 AM

Which flash version does the site use? If you installed the latest stable flash player for Linux it's probably version 7, but the newest version available (though not marked as "stable" yet, but it works great) is 9. You could try to update your flash and re-try; the package is at Adobe's site, but you can't for some reason find it directly (well I couldn't anyway). The easiest way is to open up, search for "linux flash player 9 update" and pick up the Adobe's download site. There are two versions, "stand-alone player" is not what you want but the other one. Download and extract it, and inside the package there is a file. Copy that file to your Firefox' plugin directory and restart your browser (warning: the file is named exactly like version 7 plugin is, so if you don't want to overwrite, take the old .so file into another place first).

Also: have you tried with other browsers (Konqueror, Epiphany, Opera, ...)? Not every browser works with every site (some browsers don't follow standards, some sites don't follow standards, ...), so you could get it work out with another browser. Worth a try, if you ask me.

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