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paul_uk 03-16-2007 05:56 PM

A different kind of WPA supplicant quandary...
Hello! This is my first post so bare with me...

I am running WPA supplicant on a portable machine and have some questions about automisation. My NIC is a pcmcia prism2 wireless network card. I am running WPA supplicant and am able to connect to my network. I quite often take my wireless card out to save battery power. However, every time i insert the card i have to kill the process for dhcpcd and restart it to get an IP address again. What i would like to know is how can i make WPA supplicant get me an IP, either by invoking dhcpcd or some other means.

What i would really like is to have WPA supplicant start up when my NIC is inserted and then get an IP when it has associated with an AP.

Is this somthing to do with the files /etc/network directories?

how can i achieve this?

Now the major revelation is i am using Jlime, a linux distro for the jornada 680 (32mb ram, 133mhz SH-3 processor). However dont let this put you off, it does MOSTLY work in the same way!

So to recap, how to i make the WPA supplicant daemon start when i insert my NIC, then launch dhcpcd. THEN kill WPA supplicant and dhcpcd when i remove the card? (i would like to do this because the machine is very underpowered and it needs as little running as possible at all times)

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