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striderstrahan 09-07-2004 06:05 AM

4 second freeze on keystroke when logging into kde 3.3 on debian
I'm using debian unstable but since upgrading to kde3.3 the login screen hasn't been working properly. Each time I press a key on the keyboard the screen pauses for about 4 seconds (instead of typing in the key - it's impossible to login). The mouse still works, but it can't click anything - everything else doesn't move at all, even the curser stops blinking. I can still go to console login and the keyboard works fine there. When I manually console-login as root I can kill kdm and restart it, and when doing this it works absolutely perfectly. I've tried just reconfiguring the kde package files, but this doesn't work. I would much rather it if I could fix this without removing kde and reinstalling it. I'm rather attached to my current config!

Thanks for reading!

mdriftmeyer 09-07-2004 06:18 AM

Lucky You
My update on sid near the 10th of August left my KDE 3.3 RC1 crippled.

Even GNOME hangs and won't get past the basic start of the splash screen, let alone load the desktop, etc..

Windowmaker of course works, but communication to the X server from kdeinit... and gconf Server is useless.

Note: Linux I'm rebuilding against the debian patched source to see if that changes matters but I doubt it.

There has been mention on the qt-kde debian list that the 3.3.0-1 is not the officially released KDE 3.3 and it is missing some last minute bug fixes.

Personally, I'm think PAM is screwed up in my situation because I can query the X server just fine but the communication of KDE and GNOME to X is hosed. Even with a complete purge and reinstallation the connection is refused.

My /etc/hosts is set up for localhost so nothing wrong there. I found that ssh-agent2 and ssh-add1 are missing in /usr/bin so I symlinked against ssh-agent and ssh-add, respectively which resulted in zero changes.

.xession-errors doesn't even produce errors during startx invoking startkde in my .xinitrc.

I'm guessing whatever policy changes that happened which I stupidly didn't say, keep my defaults has made my setup inoperable.

Even updating from Xserver4.3.0-6 to -7 changed nothing.

What is your /etc/inittab set up like?

how large is your /etc/ file? I noticed it got updated recently on my box. How about your /etc/

Having as I said purged and reinstalled both KDE and GNOME, including XFCE4 and being hosed at the splash screen or right before in the case of KDE and XFCE4 there is some backend communication that must be misconfigured that I am missing.

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