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k1ll3r_x 09-20-2005 10:16 PM

3d desktop on Slackware
Well i reinstalled my slackware, since i messed up the kernel, because i tried to reconfigure it, and i didnt wanna have any problems. When i started up i realized it was always boring to have the same KDE desktop looking the way it looks, so i wanna install 3ddesktop but for some reason i cant, it says im missing some development library called Imlib2 and someone told me to use Mesa GLU too. i didnt find anything, and i really dont get it, i dont know where to get Imlib2 either, and im going nuts here, because i really want it to look badass, if someone can guide me through, id really appreciate

zhangmaike 09-20-2005 10:47 PM

Almost everything can be found listed at

For Imlib2:

I'm not sure about Mesa GLU, but you may want to check the mesa site at This is also linked to from freshmeat:

You may not even need the Mesa GLU libraries as I'm pretty sure Slackware comes with them. I'd try installing without Mesa, and then compiling Mesa only if necessary.

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