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Donkey_kong 03-04-2007 05:42 PM

3D Acceleration ubuntu 6.10 xgl ati how to????
please could someone take some time to help all the n00bies like me to explain how to install/run

- ati drivers
- 3D acceleration
- xgl

On ubuntu 6.10

I have just converted to ubuntu and cant wait to get all this software running please explain in english people.. We dont all understand command lines and most of us are converting from xp and have never had to touch a terminal..

So please could the experts give us a hand...


b0uncer 03-05-2007 12:04 PM

There's something to start off with..I'm sure there are tons of how-tos, faq pages (with answers) and self-written examples about how XGL, ATI's fglrx drivers, 3d desktops, Windows games etc. are made work on Linux (Ubuntu or any other distribution, and specifically Ubuntu) so no sense in writing all that again (especially if somebody has written howtos and tested that they work). Using the Search form here at LQ is a good idea too, I'm sure there are existing threads about this already. ATI's driver installation is easier if you use Ubuntu's fglrx package (open Synaptic from the menu, search fglrx package and if you can't find it, make sure you've got the correct reposities enabled -- more about that is at Ubuntu's site/wiki), but it's almost as easy using the installer from ATI's site (I've always found it easier using the Ubuntu way) and ATI has instructions for that.

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