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skate 06-17-2008 08:24 AM

2 Bluetooth Headphones on 1 Linux System, How ?
Hello folks, I am trying to setup system with 2 or more Bluetooth Headphones.., I have Installed btsco (Bluetooth Alsa) , and everything is working when I try with 1 device, but when I try both Bluetooth Headphones they doesn't work, they fight each other when I try to use them in some application., I am using different USB Bluetooth Dongles for each Headphone, and when I assign i use:

btsco -v -i hci0 (BT HP MAC)
btsco -v -i hci1 (BT HP MAC)

but my problem is that in every application (skype, ekiga, Twinkle) there is only 1 Bluetooth Headset Shown.

How can I separate them? Is it possible? Is this available in btsco or in any other linux software to run 2 or more Bluetooth Headsets in one Linux Machine.


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