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frank4360 04-14-2011 01:08 PM

[SOLVED] How to delete a mail account in Thunderbird?

I set up a mail account in Tbird 3.1.8 - only to find it was incorrect (IMAP rather than POP).

I have set up the new account correctly, but there does not seem to be any way to delete the old account. I have renamed it to avoid confudion; but I really need to delete it.

Any ideas?

unSpawn 04-14-2011 01:23 PM

Thunderbird > Edit > Account Settings > [select account name] > Remove account (button bottom of screen).

frank4360 04-14-2011 02:04 PM

Thanks - it worked perfectly.

I thought that I needed to use "Delete Account", which I seemed to remember in earlier versions was in the File drop down.

Because I am on a small netbook the bottom of the screen was not visible.

Thanks again (I will mark the initial post [SOLVED])

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