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milindlokde 06-28-2009 10:16 AM

vicidialnow and vtigercrm integration
I have downloaded and installed 'vicidialnow' a centos based distribution, which comes with asterisk and vicidial callcenter software preinstalled.

It also has vtigercrm503 crm installed and integrated with vicidial software.

The problem is, when I created users using vicidial webpage admin login, the users were synchronized with vtigercrm, but I am unable to log in with the username and password.

When queried into mysql server for vtigercrm users, it showed the users created and their passwords in encrypted form. But all the encrypted passwords were different for all the users, while I had defined same password for all the users.

stress_junkie 06-28-2009 04:19 PM

It sounds like you are making a common mistake related to user accounts in the operating system and user accounts in a database server system. The user accounts in vtiger are completely separate and completely unrelated to the user accounts in Linux. There is absolutely no linkage between the two lists of users. It doesn't matter if they have the same account name or not.

This kind of misunderstanding happens when an enterprise grade system is ported to desktop environments. I have seen the same thing with Windows users trying to understand the user accounts in Intuit's Quick Books Pro. They don't ever seem to understand that the database server's user accounts are completely unrelated to the operating system's user accounts.

Those of us who work with main frame computers and enterprise grade database server software manage to figure this out at some point. Usually it is when the database administrator creates database accounts that don't correspond to the operating system's user accounts and end users call the system administrator for help with their database server user account.

This is a bit of an advanced topic for the average desktop computer user. If you want to understand how applications that use database server software are configured then you have a fairly long journey ahead of you. On the other hand if you are a system administrator or a database administrator for a large business then you really need to get this sorted as soon as possible.

milindlokde 06-29-2009 11:02 AM


Originally Posted by stress_junkie (Post 3589260)
The user accounts in vtiger are completely separate and completely unrelated to the user accounts in Linux.

Sorry, I forgot to mention, that the remote webpage admin page is for 'asterisk' VoIP server administration with support for callcenter suite called Vicidial. The users created were for the vicidial callcenter suite who use asterisk Voip server for make calls. These users are not Linux system users. This call center suite 'vicidial' and 'vtigercrm' both maintain separate database and the users in this 'vicidial' is synchronized with 'vtigercrm'.

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