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mohtasham1983 11-30-2012 01:17 AM

Using Software RAID on another machines

I've ordered 3 hard drives to create a software RAID-Z array on my Arch Linux machine that are going to arrive in a few days. I'm planning to place these hard drives inside an enclosure that can be connected to my computer using eSata or USB ports.

I have done my research on how to create a RAID Z pool on Arch Linux, however, the following scenario is not clear to me. Let's say I create my RAID array using my Arch Linux machine and back up my movies and pictures into the RAID server. After a while I decide to change my OS to Ubuntu, Mac or maybe even windows. I was wondering if my RAID is still going to be there and functioning well? What about connecting the enclosure to my DD-WRT powered router using USB and serving them over the network?

I have the following version of DD-WRT installed on my Asus WL-500G Premium V2:

Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp1 (07/27/08) mini.

Thanks in advanced.

NyteOwl 11-30-2012 03:25 PM

If all the enclosure does is hold the drives and provide power 9as well as the interface connection to the system box (rather than a proper NAS system), then the array will be dependant on the OS of the system the enclosure is plugged into understanding the RAID type and filesystem. Apple's OS X has a ZFS implementation and you can use it on Ubuntu. I don't believe Windows can use ZFS directly but can share such an array on another system via Samba/CIFS.

I'm not very familiar with the working of DD-WRT but I suspect it would be lacking ZFS support as ZFS is a FUSE system in Linux rather than in the kernel.

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