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Oskare100 12-27-2006 12:28 PM

Urgent PHP problem with "undefined function: domxml_open_mem()"! Recomplie php?
When I try to use the Ebay XML API that requires DOM packages I get the following error: "Fatal error: Call to undefined function: domxml_open_mem() in /home/domains/tests/ebay.php on line 96".

How can I fix that problem? It is my own server and I've full root access to it. I'm using PHP4, Apache, MySQL on a CentOS system and I've not installed/configured it myself so I don't know how PHP was complied when it was installed. I've heard that it would be nessesary to recomplie PHP but I've no idea of how to do that so please, please help. What do I need to do to be able to use the domxml_open_mem function?

OK, Now I've found where I can read that I must have GNOME XML library and complied PHP with it.

Here is the instructions from
"In PHP 4 this PECL extensions source can be found in the ext/ directory within the PHP source or at the PECL link above. This extension is only available if PHP was configured with --with-dom[=DIR]. Add --with-dom-xslt[=DIR] to include DOM XSLT support. DIR is the libxslt install directory. Add --with-dom-exslt[=DIR] to include DOM EXSLT support, where DIR is the libexslt install directory."

You can find my php info at and according to it it should be configured with "-with-dom=shared,/usr' '--with-dom-xslt=/usr' '--with-dom-exslt=/usr'" so what can the error be?


I've found this info on an old forum;
You are probably receiving this error because php is not loading the
php_domxml.dll extension. This extension is requried for the function
you are trying to use.

Make sure you have the php_domxml.dll file and then add the following
to your php.ini configuration file.
But I don't have the php_domxml.dll file (and not the extension=php_domxml.dll in the php.ini file either), how can I get it?

Please, I really need help with this.
Thanks in advance,
/Oskar R

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