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dutler 08-15-2007 06:38 PM

Ubuntu 7.04 Tomcat5.5 Ant - WAY TOO SLOW
I have been trying to build a server appliance to run OpenBravo on.
I have everything there and can open the the application via http://ipadress:8180/openbravo/ but it literally takes 5 min for the the log-in page to open and some of the images are never displayed.

The appliance is a vmware image with 2GB ram and I run it via vmware server currently on a dual PIV w/ 4GB ram and scisi hds.

The OS is Ubuntu 7.04 server. I installed vmware tools hoping to use use the host clipboard, but it appears you have to have x for that.
Also installed is PostgreSQL, and Tomcat5.5 and Ant from the Ubuntu repo.
Sun Java6 jdk and jre are installed.

When I install openbravo via their universal install script it detects PostgreSQL, Java and Ant just fine, but when it checks Tomcat it can not verify the version (5.5 recommended).

Im thinking maybe the environment variables are wrong?? /etc/environment didnt do the trick for java and I had to append the bash log in script??????

Or maybe and issue with PostgreSQL user permissions ?? but the home page should load fine right?

any brilliant insights??? pretty please??
best regards, tom

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