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suhas! 05-04-2007 12:31 AM

Tedious job to detect http_access rule in squid
Hi all,

I am feeling that it is very boring to detect a particular http_access rule in squid.conf file...

We have number of http_access rules in our squid.conf file... We have denied access to particular site e.g to everyone except few people who are allowed to access

Now my machine, according to our configuration, should not be able to access this, but because of misconfiguration or disordering of http_access rules, I am getting access to Now it is very tedious job for me to evaluate each http_access rule and find out which rule is causing me to have access, so I would rectify the mistake...

Is there any easy way to find out which rule is evaluated when I try to access Is there any hint in access.log file?

Please help as this would help me to save the time in future as well..

Thanks in advance!

kariukidw 05-06-2007 12:54 AM


Squid reads the defined acls from top to bottom and I highly suspect that you have allowed the site in a previous acls and that is why access to it is being granted. It would really help if you posted your squid.conf file so that we can see the configured acls.

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