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Tom Douglas 04-26-2008 08:41 AM

syslog does not display empty log files
My syslog will not display empty files. If a log file is emptied, syslog drops it with an error, "Cannot be displayed" (something like that). Is there a reason for that? This happens on (I believe) all versions of Fedora.

Is there a config setting I need so syslog would display them, even if the log file is empty? My config is untouched from install.

The given log file isn't always empty. There's occasional activity, then cron cleans them out, becoming empty again.


Tom D.

acid_kewpie 04-26-2008 08:52 AM

syslog doesn't display log files.. i think you've got your wires crossed... syslog is the protocol used for applications and such to pass log data to a centralized location. nothign to do with displaying the contents of logs at all.

Tom Douglas 05-03-2008 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by acid_kewpie (Post 3133600)
syslog doesn't display log files.....

Yip, you are goof.

I met the gnome-system-log that doesn't display the empty log files and wondering if there's a reason for that. Any config files for tweaking this?

Tom D.

acid_kewpie 05-03-2008 01:20 PM

TBH i never go near any of those sorts of tools. in fact i thought that one had been abandoned because it was so poor. maybe it's been "fixed" since then and reintroduced.

In terms of the error you're having, what's emptying it? logrotate? it's possible to modify the config files for logrotate to run certain commands before or after the rotation, so you could echo a date or something into the file, but if these are standard log files, it naturally shouldn't be being an issue.

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