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bluesword1969 02-05-2010 02:47 PM

Switch server from Ubuntu to Debian: checklist!
Hey all.

I have a small set of users and apps that are currently running on an Ubuntu server, and the whole system has been backed up.

I want to swith the whole box over to Debian, but still maintain user home directories, logins, and such.

I've already done: dpkg --get-selections, but I'm wondering, what else do I need to do to completely switch the box from Ubuntu to Debian?

It will move from Januty, to Lenny.

Any input, and/or advice, greatly appreciated!

in_texas_dallas 02-05-2010 04:57 PM

bluesword1969> Hopefully somebody else can be more helpful, but I do believe you will and should do a fresh install and then migrate over compatible settings. Understand that even though Ubuntu and Debian are similar operating systems, they are going to have varying versions of just about everything, therefore even application specific settings / configs [etc] might not translate over properly.

I would imagine it would be easy enough to replicate the user accounts and "reset" their passwords. The same applications would be able to be installed through the repository. I have very similar results installing / compiling custom Linux software. Generally you wouldn't want to migrate anything that is in the repository when it is better to have the approved version for your distro / version. Additionally, transferring over custom compiled software could have bad results.

However, if you have bottles set up through CEDEGA/POL/Crossover/Wine/etc, those bottles will transfer fine given you install the pertinent program for your Distro/kernel...

Please note, this is just the "recommended Linux advice". I don't know if there is a way to migrate straight... but I wouldn't recommend it unless it accounts for EVERY SINGLE SETTING OF EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM [which is virtually impossible]. If you have a small set of users and apps as you say, you'll find it isn't hard to install it and replicate the accounts with same names and privileges.

Good Luck

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