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snicklefritz 08-09-2010 10:47 AM

svn over ssh repeatedly asking fro password
Im running Ubuntu 10.04 with the latest updates and im connecting from windows xp using tortisesvn.

When I do :
I can connect just fine. The problem is that im asked 3 times for my password before the folder will display. I guessing its 3 times because the repo is 3 levels deep. In tortise if I click a folder to go another level deeper im asked for my password again. "Connection_name" is the name of the connection profile I setup in Putty which is used by tortise via plink. I tried setting up a auth key but that didnt help either. If I use putty to open up the "connection_name" ssh connection, im only asked once for my password and can operate as normally expected.

Anyone have any ideas how to keep this from happening?

snicklefritz 08-09-2010 11:54 AM

think i found my answer...even though i have been googling this for a week

When using*svn+ssh://*URLs to access a repository, remember that it's the*ssh*program prompting for authentication, and*not*the*svn*client program. That means there's no automatic password caching going on (see*ch06s02.html#svn-ch-6-sect-2.2). The Subversion client often makes multiple connections to the repository, though users don't normally notice this due to the password caching feature. When using*svn+ssh://*URLs, however, users may be annoyed by*ssh*repeatedly asking for a password for every outbound connection. The solution is to use a separate SSH password-caching tool like*ssh-agent*on a Unix-like system, or*pageant*on Windows.

ill post an update if this works

snicklefritz 08-09-2010 12:44 PM

So I got this to work now...this might not be the most secure way to do this
I recreated ssh keys and set them up to be passwordless
In Tortise under settings in the Network section I blanked out the field for what ssh client you are using
I then opened up tortise> repo-browser address window and entered this:
Obviously you fill in your own info. As long as you are able to ssh to your machine and not have to enter a password because you authenticate with your key then i think this should work for you also in Tortise

Relevant links:
generating ssh keys:

This page might also be helpful:

PeteA 12-17-2010 09:35 PM

Need to use ssh agent
What you really need is an ssh agent that will take care of your credential for you. You seem to have the first part setup properly (SSH with RSA/DSA keys), now take a look at the end of this howto: to see how to setup the agent. And please put back a password in your key file, with the agent you'll only need to enter it once.

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