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problemchild200 09-12-2008 01:40 PM

Stuck on file sharing cant auth with windows box
Im stuck!

I have a suse 10.3 server joined to a windows domain. I turned off the firewall. I shared a folder. I added users and permission to samba for that folder. I can see the folder by browsing the network in windows. When I double click the folder I get a user/pass window. I hit enter after typing in user/pass and the linux file server refuses it according to the logs.

Is it possible to turn off authentication for one folder? Cant I make it just a public share with NO user/pass and be done with this? I dont want to fight trying to connect 25 computers to this server shared folder.

I posted this in another thread phrased differently and I get a one word response of little help that did not fix the issue.

CRC123 09-12-2008 01:50 PM

Can you post a 'sample' of your smb.conf file? By 'sample' I mean your smb.conf file with any personal information about your system changed.

Also, you can share any folder you want, but if folder permissions and owners of the folder can complicate things (especially when root owns folders you're trying to share).

Here is a sample entry from my smb.conf that anyone can access on the network:

        comment = <my super secret location ;)>
        force user = <same user who owns the directory I'm sharing>
        guest ok = Yes
        inherit acls = No
        path = /export/backup/
        read only = No

Note that you may not even need the 'force user' option as long as the directory is owned by someone other than root.

problemchild200 09-13-2008 02:09 AM

I had a friend ssh in who knows linux and he could not figure out why it wasnt working. We rebooted and then added a user and it worked. So its fixed for now.


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