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vonedaddy 11-11-2010 06:29 PM

Squid NTLM authentication without Active Directory
I have a squid server currently running with basic authentication. This is a must because we constantly have different people using different machines but the rules must be set per user, not per machine.

We also have a lot of users coming and going. So every time a new user comes to the office I have to manually create a user for him so he can authenticate.

Anyway.. We do not have any windows servers so no Active Directory. But I need some solution to pass the windows login to Squid.

First question:
It seems I am using NTLM currently for samba as the person can map their home directories on their windows box withuot authenticating. Why can I not use it for squid?

Second question:
Can I make my Centos server into an AD server?

kaushalpatel1982 11-13-2010 03:05 AM

You might heard about ClearOS. This will resolve your all the problems. You can configure this distro as your AD server and it is based on CentOS. I am system integrator and I have installed this at many place. Even you can have control website access of users.

ClearOS has many other features which you might like.

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