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pestka 02-15-2013 05:49 AM

Squid multiple ports multiple destinations
Hello there,

I want to spawn one squid instance on multiple ports (which I already have).


http_port myip:9000 name=first
http_port myip:9001 name=second
http_port myip:9002 name=third

Now what I want to achieve is that when I connect to different ports I will go through different proxies, like this:
- port 9000 I go through proxy0
- port 9001 I go through proxy1
- port 9001 I go through proxy2

This is what's my conf now;

acl exceptions dstdomain "/etc/squid/squid-exception.acl"
always_direct allow exceptions
http_access allow all

cache_peer proxy0 parent port0 0 no-query name=first
cache_peer proxy1 parent port1 0 no-query name=second
cache_peer proxy2 parent port2 0 no-query name=third

but even though I'm connected to my proxy to port1 it does not go through proxy1:port1 bur proxy0:port0 - always.

How to tell squid to use a certain cache_peer based upon which port I am connecting to?

pestka 02-15-2013 06:53 AM

I've figured it out by myself :)

For any other people who struggle with that too, here's how to do that:


acl PORTNAME myport 9000
cache_peer MYPROXY parent PORT_OF_PROXY 0 no-query LOGIN PASS
cache_peer_access MYPROXY deny !PORTNAME

where myproxy is the second proxy (and its port further on). Then we deny access to all request EXCEPT OF the port one has specified.

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