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xxx_anuj_xxx 03-04-2009 01:03 PM

squid c-icap download file problem
The problem which I am facing is with the download of any file
from a client machine, I get redirected to the same file, and I have a
copy of same file on proxy server under
/home/i_cap_virsave/www/htdocs/downloads/ with different names.

Ideally it should download the file, and remove downloaded file from
squid proxies /home/i_cap_virsave/www/htdocs/downloads folder.

what can be the problem? has anyone tried squid+c-icap together?

The setup is as follows:

I have squid-2.7.6, dansguadian version, and
c-icap-030606_5,1 installed on FreeBSD7.1

c-icap is listening on port 1344
running as user/group cicap

squid is running as user/group squid port 3128 (checks for the virus
by contacting port 1344 from c-icap)

dansguardian is running on port 8080 (connects to the squid port 3128)

Clients are accessing threw port 8080 of proxy server.

I have defined a different path with as follows [file name
srv_clamav.VirSaveDir /home/i_cap_virsave/www/htdocs/downloads/

To retrive downloads I have changed the parameter of


I copied /usr/ports/www/c-icap/work/c_icap-030606rc1/contrib/
to /usr/local/www/cgi-bin/ directory
started the apache service.

Anuj Singh

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