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Felipe 12-05-2010 12:53 PM

squid - apache - tomcat

I want to create a squid - apache - tomcat installation:
- Squid: Reverse proxy for authentication/authorization.
- Apache: Static data.
- Tomcat: jsp, servlets.

What I try:

users ---> squid
squid ---(static)-------> Apache
squid ---(jsp,servlet)--> Tomcat

User connects to squid and squid connect to Apache for static data and Tomcat for jsp.asp.

1 - How can I say to squid to send .jsp and servelets to Tomcat and static data to Apache?

2 - Users have access to all servers. So If I put Apache/Tomcat listening on of squid server, there is no problem of security.
But,if Apache or Tomcat were in a different server than squid. Is there another way that IP filtering for protecting Apache/Tomcat from users directly access?
For example: squid connects to Apache/tomcat with a password or certificate, ...
Any different way to IP filter access?


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