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jonash 10-30-2009 10:18 AM

smtpd process limit
I'm having a problem increasing the Postfix 2.5 smtpd process limit to 200. Here's what I have tried so far:


default_process_limit = 200


smtp      inet  n      -      -      -      200      smtpd


smtp      inet  n      -      -      -      -      smtpd
  -o default_process_limit=200

During heavy traffic or simulation (stress test), the number of smtpd processes reaches the default limit, whereupon the server stops accepting new connections:

$ ps -u postfix | wc -l

N.B. There are no other bottlenecks in this state (according to atop).

Error messages:
warning: process /usr/lib/postfix/smtpd pid 25834 exit status 1
warning: /usr/lib/postfix/smtpd: bad command startup -- throttling
setuid(105): Resource temporarily unavailable


postfix        soft    nproc  200
postfix        hard    nproc  300

Could any of you give me a hint, please?

jonash 10-31-2009 03:06 PM

smtpd process limit [SOLVED]
Well, evidently the directives in limits.conf are completely ignored in our distribution/setup.

As a temporary solution, I placed "ulimit -u 300" in the Postfix init script.
300 smtpd processes can now be spawned, even though the process limit in master is only 200 (!).

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