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jraz 08-19-2011 02:03 AM

Setting up basic lamp server with CentOS 6, opinions for developer access?
I'm about to setup a lamp server that will hosts a couple of internal and external blogs. I understand setting it up as far as installation goes etc.

My question is what should or how should I setup the access for the developer? She normally works in Windows but sometimes from home on a Mac.

FTP? SAMBA? Or another method? I understand the how part of this equation but I am not really clear on which will give her the best access and ease of use.

Her role will be creating the templates and design. Others are going to be the actual site admins on WordPress but that will all be http oriented.

Any opinions are greatly appreciated.

acid_kewpie 08-19-2011 02:28 AM

if all she is doing is uploading versions of files, then i'd say sftp / scp access is the simplest version. If you don't want her to also have ssh shell access, just give her user account an scponly shell and she'll only be able to use clients like winscp to interact.

jraz 08-20-2011 07:20 AM

Thanks for the suggestion
I asked her how she works with our current website and currently she prefers to map drives. When at home she has VPN access and does all the work through her Windows station. That essentially takes the Mac part of the equation out.

So I have decided to setup SAMBA access for her. Map a share and that should allow her the access she needs. All the behind the scenes work is mine anyway. I have never been super great at setting permissions but I am thinking she would at least need read, write and execute. Am I missing anything for SAMBA as far as permissions go?

The help is greatly appreciated. I am going to be stting this up on Sunday and would like her to be working on Monday. Server is racked and set so it is only the install and configs on my end. This job will mark the first managed Linux server in our racks and if I continue to have my way not the last.

jraz 08-21-2011 11:36 PM

Bad start but a better finish.
I arrived this morning and either had a bad CD or the drive was bad. This is an older Dell PE1750 so booting from a USB didn't work. PXE was out since it is in the DMZ and I didn't have a spare port setup. So I unracked and brought it in to the office. Changed the drive and burned a new disk. CentOS 6 is installed and pretty much configured.

Some loose ends to take care of and SAMBA to configure. WordPress gets installed tomorrow and I will turn development over to the web designer. I still have server hardning to do in the background and then I'll feel good about opening it to the world.

I appreciate the comment and suggestion. This is our first Linux server that is not an appliance. If this goes well there will be another sometime.

pravink.22 11-27-2011 08:42 AM

Not sure

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