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julienfmills 11-10-2010 01:36 PM

Sendmail Rackspace smarthost
OK, has anyone gotten sendmail to connect to Rackspace using smarthost?

I've setup rackspace as a smarthost in my
I have a authinfo in my /etc/mail directory.

It connects to (rackspace server) but I get the 'service unavailable' in the maillog. Rackspace says that they can see me sending mails but that they're not seeing the login and password.
Not sure if they're right about that or not.

Anyone know some steps to troubleshoot what's going on? I'm not really sure what part of the setup is bad.


julienfmills 11-18-2010 10:47 AM

Solved, a few steps needed

I got a few hints from the sendmail group people.
To get Sendmail working with Rackspace:

1. use smarthost pointing to in your

2. you need to have SASL compiled into your sendmail, this was my main problem. I downloaded cyrus sasl, followed their instructions for recompiling.

3. if you want to channel all mail including local mail through your smarthost you will need to use mailhub with and also stickyhost.

4. I put the authinfo in my access.db, some instructions have you creating a new authinfo file but I believe in the later versions of sendmail it can be put in the access file. I'm using sendmail 8.14.3.

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