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ravikiran189 07-12-2012 12:00 PM

Send an E Mail from Sendmail or Postfix
Send an E Mail from Sendmail or Postfix
Hey there,

I have to keep couple of servers out of internet facing environment & its Mandatory too. I have some applications which sends alerts to Customers. How can I send an E-Mail with out internet. Is there any thing to do with sendmail or postfix configurations to point them to one of Squid Servers or Relay Servers...!!!

Any opensource smtprelay softwares ??

Please Guide


Kustom42 07-12-2012 12:05 PM

You would implement a "smart host" for your MTA. This tells the MTA to hand off the outbound emails to another server for delivery... so:

Server A - No external internet connection, needs to send emails. Networked internally.
Server B - External internet connection with an MTA to send the emails out.

Email is generated on server A, hands off the email to Server B "Smart Host", which then sends the email out.

Do some google searching for "postfix smart host setup", heres a quick synapses of config files and how they can be setup for this to work:

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