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Xris718 08-29-2008 01:49 PM

samba swat

Does anyone know if there is a swat application for samba for RedHat ASE 4? If so where can i get that installation rpm?

kenneho 08-31-2008 06:04 AM

I'm not sure if this is what you meant, but Red Hat provides the "samba-swat" package in their RHEL4 repsoitory.

Xris718 08-31-2008 11:40 PM

I have all the cds for the installation but i cant seem to locate samba-swat pkg. I do not have the support for RH AS 4 so i cant use yum or upt2date apps. I thought the rpm pkg would have been on the cds but i cant seem to find it.

kenneho 09-01-2008 04:03 AM

I don't have access to the CD's at the moment, so I can't search for the package myself. But if you've searched the CD's and haven't found it I'm sure it's not there. :(

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