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alung 06-04-2008 03:13 PM

Redhat install, looking for version/install recommendation
I have 7 servers to install. I'm looking for recommendations on the best version to install for stability purposes?

The servers will be, 2 webservers, 1 dev, 1 test, 1 prod (apache, mysql and jboss).

Thank youo

MensaWater 06-04-2008 05:24 PM

If "RedHat" and you're paying for license and nothing has limited you to a specific version why not the latest, RHEL5?

If you mean Linux in general the questions becomes a little broader. RedHat is just one distribution ("distro") of Linux that has multiple versions. The non-commercial distro's "like" RedHat are Fedora (which is used as test bed for what ends up in RedHat) and CentOS (which is distro compiled from the RedHat sources). Based on your "stability" (e.g. long life cycle and reliability) you'd want CentOS latest (5 I'm assuming) as it should be around as long as the RHEL5 on which it is based. Fedora on the other hand has a very short lifecycle but usually has the latest bells and whistles. Fedora is up version 9 now.

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