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azrael808 07-16-2009 04:15 AM

Red Hat Cluster - Prioritised Failover
Hi All,

I am managing a 2 node Red Hat cluster that hosts a bunch of virtual machines; recently, the combined memory use for all the VMs exceeds the total available memory of a single node. This would prevent all the VMs on a failed node from being relocated to the other node. We are in the process of procuring another box to add additional capacity to the cluster, however, in the meantime I wondered if I could prioritise certain VMs over others?

Using the "Recovery Policy" option in the luci admin interface, I can specify that some machines simply be disabled in the event of a failure and I have configured failover domains that prioritise which node VMs should be running on if both are up. However, what I would like to know is in the event of a node dying, is there is a way to stop specific VMs on the available node to allow priority VMs to be relocated there?

I have Googled about on the subject, but I can only find reference to the use of failover domains to prioritise which nodes VMs/resources can run on, as opposed to prioritising certain services over others.

Any information on this subject would be most appreciated! :)

Thank you,


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