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upnort 08-22-2019 05:57 PM

RADIUS Authentication
At work I inherited responsibility for a RADIUS server. There is zippo documentation from the person who installed the server. Ouch. All I know is the current server is configured only for device authentication using MAC addresses. There are about 1500 devices that on restart must authenticate with the server or they cannot connect to the infrastructure.

I know nothing about RADIUS. Time to RTFM, but some immediate questions off the apex of my cranium.

1. Can the same server be used for central user authentication too? If yes, do I need to create a separate DB and configs? If not then I suppose I have to create a new server?

2. There is no redundant server. I found a few topics online about syncing the database, but I remain puzzled how clients find the secondary server when the primary server disappears. How does that actually happen?

Links to documentation and effective tutorials most welcomed.

Thanks! :)

Edit: We don't need user account management or directory services. Just central authentication. :)

JJJCR 08-23-2019 12:51 AM

I think it's feasible to have a central authentication.

But then to use it centrally, there should be a common point that will direct all request to the RADIUS device.

See links below:

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