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+Yan 04-11-2007 09:05 AM

PXEboot for slackware 11 - cannot mount NFS root
Hi all. I have installed tftpd, configured my dhcpd to work with it. My wish is to start diskless servers, and make cluster of them.
I'm using slackware 11 to do all the stuff.
The kernel is
When I boot from network, the kernel is loading fine, but I do not know how to mount remote NFS share and tell the kernel to use it as root. The NFS server is working fine, I tested it already. What parameter shall I use in my config files to tell kernel to mount remote share ? root=?
I tried also to insert nfs module via initrd, but it is not working, and complaining about lot of missing dependencies :(. I cannot copy all /lib directory to my ram drive, because it is with limited size:( I'm hard stuck, and help will be appreciated

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