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fishjohn 04-23-2010 09:07 AM

pxe kickstart redhat install + vnc/smilar during install

I have regular PC in serverroom with PXE boot enabled.
DHCPD is configure for NIC.

I would like to install RHEL 5.4 on it without creating some automated installer, but rather have VNC or similar connection during install to control install process. Is there such solution ?

I have no access to serveroom , but I can reboot server ( it's currently running linux with ssh access). I don't want to do any prepartions/setup on current system, due paranoid/security reasons.

Thanks in advance.

rayfordj 04-24-2010 09:22 AM

Kickstart Options


vnc (optional)
Allows the graphical installation to be viewed remotely via VNC. This method is usually preferred over text mode, as there are some size and language limitations in text installs. With no options, this command will start a VNC server on the machine with no password and will print out the command that needs to be run to connect a remote machine.


vnc [--host=<hostname>] [--port=<port>] [--password=<password>]
--host= — Instead of starting a VNC server on the install machine, connect to the VNC viewer process listening on the given hostname.
--port= — Provide a port that the remote VNC viewer process is listening on. If not provided, anaconda will use the VNC default.
--password= — Set a password which must be provided to connect to the VNC session. This is optional, but recommended.

You should still need to provide enough options/information for the installer to boot far enough without interaction to get to the point of starting the vncserver for you to connect to, but once there you can complete the [graphical] installation by connecting to the vncserver from a client and proceeding as if it were a [normal] interactive installation from there like any other...

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