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ZenNetwork 11-11-2009 03:30 PM

Public DNS Server Questions
We currently have a large IP pool derived from multiple datacenters and upstream providers. At the present moment, when we want to change the rDNS settings of a particular IP, we are at the mercy of the IP provider's time table. This time table is too slow for our needs as the staff at the providers are simply too slow to respond. To remedy the problem, we want to establish our own DNS infrastructure so we can be in charge of changing the rDNS records and no longer be dependent on the IP providers resources.

This need for rDNS setting control is a top priority project, but we do not have experience setting up and/or maintaining such systems. We are looking for some help to start developing this system. Many questions exists for which we do not have the answers for such as:

1) What problems will face (if any) trying to set up a centralized DNS / rDNS system for IPs with exist on multiple networks from multiple ASN from multiple datacenters?
2) How do we handle propagating to the rest of the DNS severs out there?
3) How much infrastructure is really needed to maintain these DNS records?

suhas! 11-12-2009 01:01 AM

You can look for Classless in-addr arpa delgation.


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