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Raht 11-11-2008 08:03 AM

Project Management Software advice
Hello there,

I found myself stuck at choosing project/group work management software. We're setting up quite a few initiatives at school I'm attending to, and recently it turned out to be quite hard to organize using traditional means. Since most of our students have full-time internet access, an idea has been borned to use web-based project management software. I was assigend a task to choose one that would best fit our needs, but unfortunately, I've failed. If someone knows software that would have these features, please let me know. They're sorted by priority, from most important to least.
  • Must run on Linux, since our servers are all Debian Etch and we don't plan changing it in near future.
  • Ability to create many groups, projects and setting up different tickets/milestones for them. The tasks require a model where administrator only creates user groups. Then, these groups members (or group admins, if software allows) would create individual projects, separated from projects in other groups, and then, individual tasks to achieve for each project, marking them when done and possibly setting precentage of job done. I would call it somewhat similiar to Launchpad, but unfortunately, Launchpad's code is not yet available.
  • Software shouldn't put focus on dates and Gantt charts. We want our students to focus on setting up important tasks, not a time schedule.
  • A free software would be appreciated, either in terms of cost or code freedom.
  • Should be ready for translation, beacuse our school is in Germany.
  • Relative ease of use, especially if the above requirement isn't met.

Peter Hartmann - Nuremberg, Germany.

indienick 11-11-2008 08:38 AM

I am not sure if it meets all of your criteria, but check out the OpenProj site.

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