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ysar68 07-14-2010 02:34 PM

Process shell limitation
I need when i am creating a shell account to my user to limit him the amount of the processes he can run , so if i wanna to give 5 process as max for this shell account i know i must go in limits.conf and add the user nproc 5 but this creating a problem because also when he is log in is getting 1 process the bash or sh so for him if i need 5 process starting from a number of 10 +5 or i must calculate with other way ?

dylants 07-14-2010 05:14 PM

hi ysar68,

if you use Fedora (and possible also RedHat/CentOS) have a look at /etc/security/limits.conf

there is also a command line function ulimit - the man page for ulimit has a few options worth exploring.



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