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jwenzel09 03-15-2011 07:24 PM

Postfix/sasl authentication
I am re setting up a server of mine running red hat enterprise Linux server 6 and I had all of this working befor but for some reason I had troubles getting sasl to work and now when I login my smtp server I get an error stating that my username or password is incorrect though I am sure I am entering both correctly. Would anyone know what could be happening? I have been spending days on the web looking for the solution and only went from sasl not working when started as a service to this. For some reason I can't use Pam with saslauthd and had to use shadow instead of which from what I hear I get to use better methods of secure authentication with smtp

jwenzel09 03-15-2011 10:27 PM

What could prevent sasl/postfix from being able to authenticate?

jwenzel09 03-16-2011 01:20 AM

OMG silly me forgot to make sure that postfix could see into. The sasldb2 file lol all this work just to find out it was a permissions issue

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