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Sinedie 11-16-2006 11:47 PM

Postfix for Gmail relay
I have a machine that is able to send and receive mails to machines (xyz) in the domain (eg but not to the mail server of the domain. I tried a lot to get it fixed but connection doesn't seem to happen. Postfix is unable to establish a connection (connection refused) and the mail admin says problem is at my end (as no entry for connection was made on the mail server) and I insist that it is not (as mails can be received by any of the comps within the domains). (This happened after hours spent on trying to pick the bug.)

Finally I now decided relay all the mails through gmail..., I mean no matter which user sends a mail, it will be relayed, even if with the same user-id, to folks on internet (hoping that they'd reply to 'Reply-to' that can be trivially configured). But I am unable to find instructions to do it, if possible. I scanned older posts from this forum, but they were not of much help. Could anyone give me a good solution to use SMTP server of the gmail with all the outgoing mails using postfix please?


Sinedie 11-16-2006 11:51 PM

I have followed the instructions for setting up the Postfix server from:

The following is the transport file for postfix, if required. local:
my.domain smtp:[my.domain]:25
.my.domain smtp-local:

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