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scheidel21 05-20-2010 12:56 PM

Postfix, Amvisd and Postgrey mail server Whitelists not working
Hi all,

I have a spam filter running that uses postfix as MTA, Postgrey for greylisting, and amavisd-new to scan email using clamAV and spamassassin.

I have two issues.

1)I have added a new whitelist entry for our company newsletter to come through, because the service we use to send out the newsletter does not resend the newsletter if it is greylisted, I know bad practice, but I can't make them change. However, after adding them to the postgrey whitelist the newsletter is still greylisted. Now the way this newsletter comes in according to the SMTP logs is that it comes from their email server, from a specific email address, but it also send a "sent on behalf of" kind of entry that shows the email to the end user in their email program to have come from our marketing managers' email address.

I played with it some and telnet in and tried sending a fake newsletter mail, because we can only send out one newsletter a month, and as I enter the information I get a greylisting message. so the whitelist does not seem to be being picked up. I have restarted amavis, potfix and postgrey with no change.

2)I add a user to the whitelist in spamassassin and or to amavisd soft whitelisting and it still gets trapped by the spam filter and doesn't get through. Why are the whitelists not being honored?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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