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X-Rayden 08-01-2012 09:22 AM

php Development server suggestions
Hi everybody!

I'm here to get some suggestions ;)

I've created a local webserver from an old p4 1.7 Ghz/1Gb ram for websites developpements.

I've installed CentOS 5 and setup Apache2/PHP5.2.10/Mysql5

and settup apache with virtual name host :

NameVirtualHost *:80
NameVirtualHost *:443
VirtualDocumentRoot /var/www/html/%0
VirtualScriptAlias /var/www/html/%0/cgi-bin/

so that I can point to my local server and it works by creating a folder /var/www/html/

installed with umask and webadmin SSH user (no ftp!)

i've rigged my with a wildcard subdomains * pointing to our static IP.

even if protected to the teeth, i've told search engine to go see elsewhere:
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} google|bing|slurp [NC]
RewriteRule .? - [G]

and i've settuped a local dns server to say that * is a local IP (so that from inside it works as well as from outside to show our clients)

and lastly, simple backup cron job with dayly and weekly backups (tar.bz2)

right now it works great and simple for me and my coworkers.... but!

could it be a good idea to put SVN into the mix?

I love SVN, some of my clients websites (yes... websites!) in PHP have SVN installed so we can change it, test it on then checkout live. only mysql is not so great with it...

i've never... ever... been able to make "auto checkout on commit" works... on any sites... and I don't know why (seams like permissions problems, but no logs to confirm)

IF I DO install SVN on my dev server... witch is best
- 1 project/1 website (need to create a project per new site)
- 1 project - all websites (with folders like i did up to now)

or do you think I should not try to mess with a working dev server?

pingu 08-01-2012 11:22 AM

SVN sounds like a good choice as several people are writing code (if I understood you correctly). But then which way to go is a question of personal taste IMHO.

But I did react on another thing:
You are still running php 5.2, that branch reached EOL december 2010.
I strongly encourage you to upgrade to at least 5.3 or possibly 5.4.
Sticking to 5.2 will cause you problems since there are significant changes.
Apache & Mysql I don't know, you didn't specify.

X-Rayden 08-03-2012 09:52 PM

Yeah... i know, but since some of my clients are on SHARED hosting... 5.3 not that appropriate right now.

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