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mlnutt 05-07-2008 03:25 PM

PHP 5.2.6 "make test" zend test failures
Is anybody else getting failed tests with php 5.2.6 that were supposedly fixed with this release?

Bug #43128 Very long class name causes segfault [Zend/tests/bug43128.phpt]
Bug #44069 (Huge memory usage with concatenation using . instead of .=) [Zend/tests/bug44069.phpt]

Also, anyone know the significance of there failed tests?

Test closedir() function : usage variations - close a file pointer [ext/standard/tests/dir/closedir_variation3.phpt]
Test readdir() function : usage variations - use file pointers [ext/standard/tests/dir/readdir_variation7.phpt]
Test rewinddir() function : usage variations - file pointers [ext/standard/tests/dir/rewinddir_variation3.phpt]
dl() filename length checks (CVE-2007-4887) [ext/standard/tests/general_functions/dl-cve-2007-4887.phpt]
Test setlocale() function : usage variations - Setting all available locales in the platform [ext/standard/tests/strings/setlocale_variation2.phpt]

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