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kengele 01-20-2010 07:47 AM

Permissions access problem using OpenSuse 11.1
I have a home network setup. The server has OpenSuse 11.1 installed. I have a laptop with Ubuntu 9.04 and my wife has an iMac. My wife an I are both members of the same group and that group has full rwx permissions in the directories we access. All the directories we need belong to that group. We can all connect to the server and access files without a problem.
However it seems that all the files are read only for the other user. In other words if I make a directory on the server and save a file in there, I can access it with full permissions and my wife only gets read access and vice versa.
What should I be looking out for or checking that would enable both of us to have full permissions other than setting permissions on the directories to the group we share (which I have done)?
I also have one other question.... I notice that some users and some of the groups have the same number. I assume that this is normal?

chrism01 01-20-2010 07:00 PM

1. sounds like you need to amend your umask setting (e/tc/profile of /home/you/.bash_profile or .bashrc).
It's probably 022, try 002 and then logout completely.

2. Do you mean multiple users have the same numbers as each other and (separately) multiple groups have the same group id?
That's definitely not right, although the uids and grpids are in separate name (number) spaces, so a uid can be the same as a grpid (default in RH based systems).


cat /etc/passwd
cat /etc/group

to check

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