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jmajor 02-28-2012 09:46 PM

Open-iscsi /dev pollution
I am setting up a couple of machines to access an iscsi san (IBM) to host virtual machines. I have open-iscsi, multipath, clvm, and gfs, which seem to work ... sort of.

My problem is that the san has 2 controllers, and each controller has 2 ethernet ports (redundancy). This results in 4 paths to the target. The target has 7 luns, which means open-iscsi creates about 28 entries in /dev. Multipath then creates a reasonable number of entries as /dev/mapper/mpathx, but /dev is full of junk. Also, the devices mapped to the inactive controller are filling my logs with errors from multipath, and any access like vgscan or fdisk -l fills the console with errors, and runs slowly, while it sorts itself out.

Is it possible to tell open-iscsi that I just want lun6 most of the time and manually ask for other luns in the event that I need something off them?

As an aside, does anyone know how force service startup order in ubuntu 10.04 lts. ie. it should start networking before iscsi before gfs before fsck gets to whine about the gfs filesystem not being present. Maybe something off of hotplug.

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