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piyusharora420 11-24-2011 12:46 PM

Not able to log in as nis user from client side.
Hi everyone,

Whenver, I try to log in as a nis user, I get the following message:


Your home directory is listed as:
but it does not appear to exist. Do you want to log in with the /(root) as your home directory?

It is unlikely anything will work unless you use a failsafe session.

/rhome is the home directory for nis1 user. On client side it should be logged in to /data/nis directory. I have already configured auto.master and auto.misc files. After logging as root, I can log in as nis1 (nis user). But, I need to change directory manually. After changing directory to /data/nis, everything works fine.

Thanks in advance.

acid_kewpie 11-24-2011 12:56 PM

if that's the users home directory then it should exist. if it should be somewhere else, then you should change it... am I missing something? if you want the directory to be automatically created, then you can use pam_mkhomedir but that's not apparently what you're asking.

piyusharora420 11-25-2011 02:05 AM

Thanks for the prompt reply. I think you did not get me. I have made some changes also. Let me explain in detail:

*I have created a nis1 user with directory /rhome/nis1 on nis server.
* I have created a permanent mount point for nfs at /rhome/nis1 on client side. Nfs mount is working perfect. But, nis1 user is not able to log in to GUI interface also not in runlevel 3.

*When I log in as root on client side, then I can log in as nis1 user. But, I get bash$ instead of user's name. Also directory does not change to /rhome/nis1.

Please let me know what I have done wrong.

acid_kewpie 11-25-2011 03:30 AM

so on the client side, what does "getent passwd nis1" say? Can you then do an ls -l of the /rhome location as well to show these things marrying up?

piyusharora420 11-25-2011 05:11 AM

It says:

sync is perfect. whenever, I create a new file at client side, it also appear at server side.

acid_kewpie 11-25-2011 05:52 AM

right so the home directory is very clearly incorrect. no?

and why are you passing shadow data with NIS? That's awful. don't do that. Authenticate with something else instead, e.g. kerberos or ldap.

In fact, just ditch NIS altogether, that'd be my first step in getting this working.

piyusharora420 11-26-2011 01:48 AM


and why are you passing shadow data with NIS? That's awful. don't do that
How to get rid off it? I want to make it working. Could you please let me know how to proceed further?

piyusharora420 11-26-2011 01:49 AM


right so the home directory is very clearly incorrect. no?
Yes, it should be /rhome/nis1

piyusharora420 11-26-2011 02:02 AM

Also, when I log in with nis1 user from server side, I get bash-3.2$ instead of user's name.

acid_kewpie 11-26-2011 02:53 AM

so... have you changed their home directory yet???

is it worth backing up here and asking why you're bothering with NIS anyway? NIS is pretty much obsolete, and you'll be thanked by just about no one if you were to use it in a production environment. It's a useful teaching tool these days, but very rarely anything more.

piyusharora420 11-26-2011 03:01 AM


so... have you changed their home directory yet???
It was /rhome and I changed it to /rhome/nis1

Actually, I want to appear for RHCE exam. That is why I wish to learn it.

acid_kewpie 11-26-2011 03:12 AM

OK, so.. it works now, right?

piyusharora420 11-26-2011 03:51 AM

No, it isnt working. I get bash-3.2$, when log in from both server and client.

acid_kewpie 11-26-2011 04:57 AM

sounds like a permissions issue on the home directory, or it doesn't exist, or the skel files haven't been copied to it.

piyusharora420 11-26-2011 07:15 AM

Thanks alot kewpie. You are a genius. Skel files were missing. It is working fine now. Thank again.

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