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spankbot 03-31-2009 06:44 PM

NFS mounting conventions and path names
I have a quick question for people who maintain a lot of NFS exports among workstations... This isn't a technical question , but a question about conventions and habits.

Back in the day with my Solaris networks, I always mounted external or NFS drives under the /export directory. Home directories were always under /export/home0, /export/home1... Data directories were always mounted under /export/data0,1,2.. and application partitions (what /usr/local is today) under /export/apps0...

What conventions do you other admins use these days with Linux? Do all external drives get mounted under /mnt? Do you just mix everything together without attempting to compartmentalize? If you had an external eSATA drive, for example, that you were going to NFS export to a group of workstations, how would you mount it? I'm just curious how other people do this.

watcher69b 03-31-2009 10:26 PM

my clients all run fedora. i use either /mnt or /media
6 of one 1/2 dozen of another

if they are really dumb i will mount things under their /home/username/documents
i can just hear them now...

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