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AdamDaughterson 07-27-2009 05:08 PM

NFS export multiple mounted file systems under a single root
Hi there,

I am trying to mount an exported directory which has sub-directories which are mount-points for local(to the NFS server) file systems.


/dev/sdb1 mounted on /data/disk1
/dev/sdc1 mounted on /data/disk2
/dev/sdd1 mounted on /data/disk3

/etc/exports looks like:
/data IP.of.RO.system(ro,nohide,crossmnt)

When I mount the server:/data export from a linux client and ls /mntpnt/data2 I get "Stale NFS file handle" error. When I map via SFU on a windows client, I get a duplicate of the /data (disk1 disk2 disk3) forever and ever when drilling down into any folder.

According to man exports, the combo of nohide and crossmnt should make these data available for general consumption.
I've tried exports with no options, just nohide, just crossmnt, both nohide and crossmnt, with no_subtree_check, with async, and with sync.
UID:GID's (though for ro it shouldn't make any difference) match on client and server.

I've Googled about quite a bit for any explanation, and the best I could find was regarding exporting a remote (to the NFS server) file system, which is irrelevant in this case as the file systems are local to the server.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,



As it turns out, for anyone who may care to do this, the solution was to be really redundant in my /etc/exports like so:

/data IP.of.RO.system(ro,nohide,crossmnt)
/data/disk1 IP.of.RO.system(ro,nohide,crossmnt)
/data/disk2 IP.of.RO.system(ro,nohide,crossmnt)
/data/disk3 IP.of.RO.system(ro,nohide,crossmnt)

exportfs -a

mount server:/data on a client system and voila(!) it is working now.


monsm 07-28-2009 09:51 AM

Hi thanks for solving your own problem :)

I have a similar one, discovering that my softlinks don't work remotely...
I was thinking this would be the solution but hadn't tested it yet.


AdamDaughterson 07-28-2009 01:28 PM

I wasn't able to use links in any fashion, and everything I've read states that it is by design. Mounting everything under the single /data root was my workaround to the links problem.

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